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CLOSER is a comprehensive system developed and improved over years of actual use by active industry participants; consistently ranked as the most intuitive system in its peer group. One critical objective of an enterprise Loan Origination System (LOS) is to provide key stakeholders in the process the ability to complete their deliverables in the system without having to go “offline” for particular aspects.

As a result, CLOSER is the only system flexible enough to allow complex customization of underwriting templates along with highly formatted text narratives (including the use of image content) and a comprehensive data set through a web-based system, sufficient to complete required work online. From a high level, key areas supported and specific aspects of that support are:

Workflow/Process Management

  • Pipeline Management
  • Shared transaction communication threads / tools
  • Loan status / stage and activity tracking
  • Event driven email notification to users / user groups
  • Contact management and security protocols
  • Key date tracking and ticklers
  • Advanced checklist configuration supporting multiple distinct checklists applicable at various points of the workflow
  • Document management
  • Global rate management tools allowing for update of specific indexes globally within system


  • Multiple quote / loan term scenario analysis and tracking
  • Quick Sizing comparisons between quotes
  • Complex deal structures, including multiple loans, multiple properties, multiple loan tranches, and complex borrowing structures
  • Comparable and subject property expense and income analysis tools

Processing and Underwriting

  • The most advanced and configurable Excel based UW template management tools in the market
  • Narrative builder including formatting, embedded tables and images
  • Detailed cash flow and tenancy analysis and reporting tools
  • Target based versioning tools
  • Lease rollover analysis
  • Borrower / sponsor analysis and tracking tools
  • Sponsor financial and real estate holdings storage and analysis
  • Third party report tracking and storage
  • Property inspection data storage and tracking


  • Detail fee/deposit tracking
  • Escrow Calculator
  • Sources and Uses tracking and analysis
  • Representation and warranty input, modification, and tracking
  • Third party document creation integration tools
  • Warehouse / funding tracking and analysis tools
  • Warehouse lender data feed allowing transfer of critical data from client to warehouse lender


  • Customized ASR and Credit Memorandums
  • Customized letters and correspondence
  • Custom Report Building engine putting the power of reporting in your hands
  • State of the art ad-hoc query and report generation tools allowing for real time generation of enterprise reports by client staff.
  • Ability to leverage third party report generation tools if desired
  • State of the art data tape generation tool allowing for real time customization of data tapes by client staff.

System/Administrative Features

  • Enterprise level license with no user or transaction limits, including third party vendors
  • World class hosting with a bank data center (Computer Services Inc. – ticker: CSVI)
  • Role-based security access engine (unlimited roles)
  • Client access to full suite of administration and configuration tools

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