CJC Technologies

Our product suite is designed to solve real problems facing our customers. From Enterprise data management, to workflow processing, to approvals and even a familiar and intuitive way to do a quick sizing.

Helping to establish us as a leader in commercial lending software, CLOSER™ customers contribute over 30% of the CMBS issuance. Additionally, 30% of the Fannie Mae DUS lenders and three of the top five Freddie Mac SBL lenders are also CLOSER™ customers.

By simplifying the commercial lending process, you will save valuable time so your CRE team can focus on moving loans through the pipeline and less time juggling multiple programs.

Be in Good Company

CJC supports many of the largest lenders in the country. We have achieved success by creating the ability to bridge the gap between internal technology needs and ongoing organizational initiatives; the technical staff and the front-line practitioners. CJC has over 60 years combined experience in developing and deploying technology solutions directly to the commercial real estate industry.

CJC’s key added value is the integration of industry knowledge regarding critical content, and the technical understanding of managing and delivering that content to key stakeholders in the process.

Basis Points

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